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Quantum Optics Group

Available Master Thesis

  • Theoretical-experimental investigation on multiphoton quantum walk on a chip

  • Quasar_Prin
  • Experimental study of Markovian and non-Markovian dynamics of open quantum systems

  • Quasar_Hyteq
  • Multiqubit experiments on a chip with hyper-entangled states

  • Quasar_Hyteq

  • Integrated quantum photonics

  • Quasar_Hyteq

  • Integrated waveguide quantum interferometry

  • Quasar_Hyteq
  • Experimental-theoretical tests of quantum non-locality and contextuality

  • Phorbitech_Hyteq

  • Experimental implementation of high-dimensional quantum systems

  • Phorbitech_Hyteq

  • Quantum communication with photonic orbital angular momentum