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Quantum Optics Group


The Quantum Optics Group of Physics Department, Sapienza University of Rome, has been engaged in experimental and theoretical researches on quantum information since 15 years. The group has contributed for many years to the quantum optics field with relevant experiments in ultrafast mode-locked and free-electron laser physics, microcavity QED, basic quantum interferometry and nonlinear solid-state and molecular spectroscopy. This advanced know-how on linear and nonlinear optics has been recently applied to several quantum information tasks: quantum teleportation, since the first realization in Rome to the implementation of active teleportation protocol and of teleportation of a quantum gate, optimal quantum cloning and U-Not gate, quantum process and state tomography, generation and detection of entanglement, amplification and purification of single qubits etc, frequency hopping of a single photon, generation of 2-photon hyper-entangled and cluster states, realization of polarization qutrits, implementation of the minimal disturbing measurement.

The laboratory in Roma is equipped with several CW and mode locked laser systems, a regenerative Ti:Sapphire amplifier, an OPO system, nonlinear crystals, single-photon detectors, bulk and fiber optics elements.